Thursday, May 5, 2011

Daily Thoughts 5/5/2011 (poetry)

Peter Schöffer (1425-1503) Bookseller from Germany

Daily Thoughts 5/5/2011

This morning, I updated the Twitter account, I also checked the displays.  I am learning a little bit more about setting up poetry readings.  I redesigned the sign in sheet, got a bell for timing people, and made some minor changes in how things are arranged based on the requests of people who attended.  I am hoping it will go well this time.

This evening the Poetry Networking Event went well.  We had Sistah Sassy talking about Memoirs and Magic.  We also had a brief session afterward with an open microphone where people read their poems.  This time it was a little smoother.  We are planning on writing poems about summer for next time.  The group is interested in possibly going to the nursing homes to read to the aged.

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