Saturday, February 1, 2014

Daily Thoughts 02/01/2014

Lenoir, Charles-Amable, The Novel, Before 1902
Daily Thoughts 02/01/2014

This morning, I finished reading Orfeo by Richard Powers.  It is very much a tragedy, Peter Els, the main character is very good at making his own life difficult. Most of the time he creates his difficulties in the name of art or music.  Even when he becomes a wanted man and a suspected bioterrorist, a large part of it reads like a series of poor decisions by an eccentric man.  The tragedy this generates is very ironic and entertaining.  I found the decision at the end by Peter Els to be satisfying.

This morning, I checked the displays and the gift books.  I also checked the social media for the library. I spent some time discussing the website with colleagues as well.  It is slowly improving.  I am going to be working with the oversize books this afternoon.

The Mount Vernon Budget was approved this Thursday.  Mount Vernon Approves $96 million dollar budget, 7.78% tax increase.

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