Sunday, August 2, 2015

Daily Thoughts 08/02/2015

Gertrude Stein, November 4, 1934, Carl Van Vechten, Public Domain

Daily Thoughts 08/02/2015

I watched another webinar on Webjunction called Crowdfunding Your Way to Year End Success.  It gives me a better of how the process works.  When I watch this and read about it, most people don't get the money which they are aiming for, but often get thousands of dollars.  The people who seem to succeed are groups that already have a solid group of supporters, maybe 100 people and a fairly strong social media presence.  They also understand how to put together marketing videos for youtube, flyers, and distribute positive photographs through social media.  It appears to have a decent amount of planning involved.

Crowdfunding the Library

I also watched a second webinar called How To Make Your Campaigns Go Viral on Webjunction.  A lot of this was focused on how to convince to first take a specific action, then get their friends to do the same thing.  There was a discussion of concepts like visibility and simplicity in design.  There was also a reminder to be direct with Facebook and be personal with Email.

I also read a little more of Future Crimes.  I am reading about ransomware where people take over your computer and demand that you pay them to get your computer back.  There is also some material on the Internet of Things.  The most prominent example of hacking a thing is taking over cars and making them shut off.

I read a little bit more of In Montmartre.  I am reading about how the Steins came to be involved in the world of Montmartre.

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