Friday, August 28, 2015

Daily Thoughts 08/28/2015

Woman reading (Olga) - Pablo Picasso
Woman Reading, Olga, Pablo Picasso, 1920

Daily Thoughts 08/28/2015

I read some more of Stephen Baxter Ultima.  The book is a mix of alternate history, wormholes, and interdimensional travel.  There are Romans in space and other anomalous ideas.  I am finding it an entertaining sequel to Proxima.

I checked the gifts and the displays.  I also checked the Facebook and Twitter page for the library.

We had a meeting this morning discussing adult programming.   There are a variety of programs which we are working on.  September 15 through October 15 is Hispanic Americans month.  We are going to do some specials involving a grant from Latino Americans 500 Years of history.  We also have a music program planned.

We are also working on updating a new website for the library which has a much cleaner appearance.

We are also working on a grant from Arts Westchester for a memoir writing class.

 I spent some time reading through a copy of Booklist. 

I read through several copies of Publishers Weekly and the latest Book page.  I put the book, Three Moments from the Explosion Stories by China Mieville on hold as well as the book, Memory Theater by Simon Critchley which is about philosophy and memory.

Kenneth Davis who was an honoree at the Mount Vernon Public Library Foundation gala last night and a successful local author, gave us a copy of each of the books which he had written to be added to our collection.

Web Bits

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Barnes and Noble Closes the Book on Queens
I go to the Bay Terrace Barnes and Noble.  I would rather it did not close.

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