Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Daily Thoughts 10/28/2015

File:Shannon - On the Dunes.jpg
  Florence en Kitty (wife and daughter of the artist in the Dunes at Egmond, Holland) 1900s, James Jebusa Shannon

Daily Thoughts 10/28/2015

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook.

I read some more of Good Profit today.  I am reading about how Charles Koch chose not to make Koch Industries publicly traded because of the shorter term focus of the stock market.

I checked the gift books and the displays.  I spent some time printing handouts for award winning books and bookmarks on a variety of subjects including Latino Fiction Authors.  We received a catalog of new titles from Arte Publico Press.  I ordered some fiction titles focused on Latino fiction today. I have a few more to make include one on urban fiction.

I am hoping to switch my focus away from handouts to merchandising and signage for the collection soon.

I have a copy of the book for next years summer reading.

I sent out a notice about our November 12, 2015 Adult Board Game Night.  It is the first time that I am trying this.

There was a union meeting I attended in the evening.

I read some more of Good Profits.  There were some sections on legal issues with Koch Industries.  Charles Koch writes about how important it is to have ethical employees who won't get you in legal trouble.  He also spends quite a bit of time describing how it is often more important to hire people for their values and integrity than their skills.

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