Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Elvis Lover Has Tagged Me With A Meme

Elvis Lover http://www.elvislover.blogspot.com/ has tagged me with a meme.

The chore here to reveal six unspectacular quirks about myself and challenge other bloggers to do the same.The rules here are simple:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell six unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag six bloggers by linking.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.

Six quirks about me: :)

1. Depending on my mood, I will drink either tea with lemon and honey or coffee with milk in the morning when I go to work.

2. I like to read paperback books on crowded subway trains.

3. I collect science fiction art books with full color illustrations.

4. I keep a bag full of convention name tags from conventions and workshops which I have attended. There are name tags from PC World, American Library Association, New York Comic Con, Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival, and many more places.

5. I have a television but I never watch television on it. I use it to play videos and dvds.

6. I like organizing other peoples paper, but not my own.


The Thin Red Line. A very interesting book blog about a library clerk who has a lot of books passing under his scanner. He reviews many things which are different than what I review. Cookbooks, picture books, architecture books, children's books, home decorating and design, and many other titles are reviewed.


I'll Never Forget The Day I Read A Book. This is a fairly intellectual site which reviews books. He reviews mostly nonfiction focused on a variety of subjects including politics, science, and the environment. There are a few science fiction reviews as well. He reviewed one of Charles Stross's books.


Pick of the Literate. I rather like the site because the design is very easy to follow. He reviews a variety of science fiction books by very mainstream authors that are solid writers with interesting books. His latest review is of a Mercedes Lackey book. He also swaps books. His heart seems to be in the right place.


Stella Script. Haiku, poetry, and writing. It is about the writing, especially the classics, and inspired haiku. A blog well worth visiting.


The Singing Librarian. An academic librarian who sings and performs in shows. This blog is quite interesting. The librarian is in Kent UK which provides some interesting insights to librarianship.


Cromely's World. A variety of book reviews. Life in Seattle including things like cafes, Ikea, and various moments in life. Includes some humorous material on comic books.


Anonymous said...

Hay, thanks for the tag. I posted six of my quirks at:


Anonymous said...

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Book Calendar said...

Thanks for coming by.

ibpurpledragon said...

Ok, that was more work than I expected by quite worthwhile. Thanks for the vote of confidence on Pick of the Literate, check out Money Saving Tech Tips and Philosophic Musings
That is where I share more of my personality, hopefully you will still feel my heart is in the right place.

Book Calendar said...

Yes, it took a bit of work to get it right. I enjoyed doing it as well. Thanks for coming by.