Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daily Thoughts 6/28/2009 (Ebooks)

Springtime or La liseuse (the reader) Claude Monet 1872

Daily Thoughts 6/28/2009 (Ebooks)

I am thinking about free ebook sites. I have put together a short list of a few places which I think are entertainig or useful. Most sites are very cluttered and hard to us. These seem to be the best I have found so far. -- Publications About American Life

The Baen Free Library of Science Fiction

Bartleby Great Books Online

Creative Common Books are licensed to read but not

Drew's Script-O-Rama (free scripts for movies and television

Free Public Domain Audiobooks.

Great Book Index

Proect Gutenberg

Gutenberg Emerging

International Children's Digital Library

The Internet Archive Texts Collection

OpenCRS-- Open Congressional Research Service

Poets' Corner

University of Pennsylvania Guide to Free Ebook
Downloads .

Yale University Books Unbound

If you can suggest some more free ebook sites that combine quality with ease of use please let m know.


ann.–ľarie said...

My husband listens to ebooks all the time and recommended one he's currently reading but I can't recall. I will get back to you if there is a good site for that. :)

linda randall said...

I've posted excerpts of my manuscript on Squidoo, which is free to use as well. I'd love some feedback on my first novel! I've created an index page called The Munroe Series (there are 11 parts so far) I've only posted 2 of them, it's still a work in progress..