Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chuck Klosterman Eating The Dinosaur

Chuck Klosterman Eating The Dinosaur

Chuck Klosterman writes novels and journalism. This book is a collection of essays focused on popular culture. It has a slight edge to it, a kind of independent feeling you might associate with independent rock or independent bookstores. I had heard comparisons between Chuck Klosterman and Hunter S. Thompson, but it really does not feel that way. There is no sense of outlaw violence or danger in reading Chuck Klosterman's writing.

The essays are very self reflective and can seem a little overwrought at times. Even so, I can identify with what the author is writing about. The topics he is writing about, alternative rock, sports, film making, and popular culture seem to be aimed at men in the age range of twenty to forty. There is a bit of humor thrown in. I especially liked his chapters on why he hates television laugh tracks and why time travel movies got it all wrong.

To understand some sections, of his writing you have to be familiar with pop culture. He makes statements like Details magazine was the best interview magazine from the 1980s. This can be silly sometimes. He also refers to major rock bands like Curt Cobain and Cheryl Crow. I can almost picture his ideal reader as being a thirty year old man who listens to Garth Brooks, watches the Super Bowl, and likes to watch PBS documentaries.

He is especially good at picking out interesting and eccentric figures in popular culture. I liked reading about Errol Morris, the most prominent American documentary film maker. If you look in the index it looks like he picked names out of popular culture dictionary running from Paula Abdul to Tom Wolfe.

This was a relaxing read; a way to spend an afternoon letting your mind wander.

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