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Daily Thoughts 12/18/2010 (ebooks)

Still life with plaster torso, a rose and two novels, Vincent Van Gogh, Paris, December 1887

Daily Thoughts 12/18/2010

This morning, I checked the displays and did some more weeding in the oversize books.  I try not to just weed.  I also like to check for items that need mending or cleaning.

We have our first set of foreign language films purchased with central library district money.  I am checking out a Jackie Chan film, Black Dragon.  I also am taking out the Tim Burton film of Alice In Wonderland starring Johnny Depp.  I always liked reading Alice in Wonderland, especially The Annotated Alice which describes how Lewis Carroll created Alice in Wonderland from the moves of a chess game.  I thought Tim Burton's film would be based on the original story in the book.  The film disappointed me considerably.

I am thinking about Contentville again which I posted about three years ago.  Ebooks have changed a lot since I posted about this a while ago.

There are plenty of opportunities right now to change the ebook field.  The standard classification structure of bookstores, BISAC (Book Industries Standards and Classification) is designed for physical stores.  It is not designed for the internet.  However, ebooks are still classified using a very old standard.  This is also true of the dewey decimal classification.  It is designed to be used with card catalogs.  There has been a slow switch to merchandising; creating special collections inside libraries in addition to dewey classifications.  Also, the way which ebook sites are displaying books has not been explored that much.  There could be significant improvements in classification and display for ebooks.  An obvious example which someone has implemented is 

We are also at the beginning of transliteracy where people share books and other information through multiple devices and formats.  A book is a device just like a phone is a device or a computer is device.  We are at the beginning of things like Bookglutton  and The Copia which allow shared note taking. 

In addition how things like vooks and book applications are sold with other ebooks has not been well considered.

There are new ways that ebooks can be shared, ordered, displayed, categorized and integrated with other media.  Right now, even if the publishing industry is being shaken up, there are a lot of oportunities.

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Museum and Library Services Act Passed by the House by Michael Kelly.  To me this is a relief.

Thomson-Shore Buys Bessenberg Bindery

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