Friday, December 31, 2010

Daily Thoughts 12/31/2010 (Budget, ebooks)

Morning perusal, Antonio Parreiras, 1916

Daily Thoughts 12/31/2010 

The Mount Vernon city council adopted the new budget with a $500,000 cut for the library. There is a prediction that the building will be closed midyear.

On a personal level, this means I have to look for other options.  I am watching a slow descent for the library over the years.  There has been a pattern of continuous cuts in small amounts, as well as continuous underfunding.
I am looking at the Certificate in Digital Publishing right now.  It seems like a very interesting course.

Web Bits

I spent some time looking at Google Books. It did not impress me.  They probably could have a deeper taxonomy as well as better display technology.  I find it a little too simple looking.

Libre Digital is developing another social ecommerce platform for books.  Things are just starting in this arena.

I see a lot of large social commerce platforms for ebooks, but no specialty social platforms for ebooks.   I can see openings for smaller more focused specialty ecommerce social platforms for ebooks in specific genres.

I also found another aggregator of electronic information, which allows people to create their own book mashups.

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