Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daily Thoughts 8/16/2011

Portrait of Father, Bruno Liljefors, 1884, Oil on Canvas

Daily Thoughts 8/16/2011

This morning, I read some of Stand and Deliver.  I am reading about humor in speeches and stage fright.  I am enjoying reading the book.

This morning I checked the displays, checked the gift books, updated the Twitter and Facebook pages.  I a  I have been adding some pictures from events to the Facebook page.  I also did some weeding today as well.

I also plan on reading The Sons of Liberty Death and Taxes which is a superhero graphic novel set during the American revolution.  The two heros are escaped slaves with superpowers.

I watched part of a webinar called Branding Through Custom Typography.  It was kind of interesting.  The presenter talked about creating custom type faces for Xbox and Google Android.

Tonight, I have the website committee to go to.

We also have the Computer Class today from 6-7 p.m. in the computer lab.

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