Saturday, April 5, 2014

Daily Thoughts 04/05/2014

Jules Ernest Renoux, La Lecture

Daily Thoughts 04/05/2014

I read some more of The Heathen School.  I am reading about how the support for the school starts to drop off when a Cherokee student marries a local caucasian girl.  The book reveals many racial attitudes that occur in 1820s America with excerpts from local newspapers and other writings.  There are eight pages of illustrations and photographs, an extensive set of notes for each chapter, and an index to the book.

I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the Mount Vernon Public Library.

The District Wide Mailer Sent in Mount Vernon about the Mount Vernon Public Library Vote.

If you are in Mount Vernon, New York please read this and pass it on.

Web Bits

New York State will Increase Funding for Libraries by more than $1 Million Dollars.

 Libraries Expanding Frontier of Digital Technology 

A  Turbine Powered Future

Wind Power Provided 30% of All New Electricity Generation Capacity in the Past 5 Years

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