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Daily Thoughts 05/28/2014

Carl Holsoe, Reading In an Interior, circa 1900

Daily Thoughts 05/28/2014

This morning, I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library.

I am going to Day of Dialog between the Librarians and Publishers today.  It should be an interesting day. 

I picked up a lot of different books.  I focused mainly on books that could be added to the collection and did not get that many galleys.  I did get a galley signed by Jules Feiffer, Kill My Mother which is a graphic novel.

I also confirmed that Overdrive is working on EPUB3 and HTML5 for publishers so they can add more enhanced ebooks.

There were lots of excellent galleys and free books in the exhibitor room.  I also had a chance to look at Hoopla which is Midwest Tape's streaming media platform.

There was a chance to discuss some issues with fellow librarians about self published books, buying material in multiple formats, and patron driven acquisition.  There seemed to be a consensus that most libraries added local history material and books to their collections before anything else that was self published.

 At the table I sat at, I found some common practices.  Most librarians had a system for looking at material with lots of holds, like our purchase alerts.  They also had web forms for patrons to request materials.  In addition, I learned that some libraries had request forms for staff to add material.  I did not hear that much about circulation reports for high circulation items or collection management sheets being kept at the reference desk.

I finished reading Essentialism the Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown on the train to and from the conference.  This book is about how to stay focused on doing what is important and cut out things that waste time.  It focuses on how to have good habits, say no, and prioritize what is most important both on the job and in a persons personal life.

I also went to the the AAP Librarians Dinner which featured four authors speaking.  They were all interesting to hear.
I took a few of the books from the dinner for my library to use.

I have a lot more to write about.  I have quite a few books in my bag from the Day of Dialog as well as a full tote bag of books which I picked up for free.  It is late right now.  I got home late after the dinner.  I carried a lot of heavy books home.

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