Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daily Thoughts 11/16/2011

Daily Thoughts 11/16/2011

I read some more of The Better Angels of Our Natures this morning.  The author is writing about the concepts of wars of attrition and pyrrhic victory where very little is won by either side.

This morning, I looked over the website committee report for technology.  It is going over issues like the website, databases, E-readers, and telephones.  It also mentions the Services Survey which should be finished by December.  I also spent some time talking to the head of the periodicals department about possibly getting some electronic newspapers or magazines for the E-readers.

I checked the displays and fliers and printed out some flyers including a flyer for the Learning Express Popular Software Tutorials which is a set of online video instruction for Microsoft Office and Adobe software. 

I also checked the Twitter and Facebook accounts for the library.

This afternoon, I spent a little bit more time learning Microsoft Publisher 2010 on  This afternoon, I opened the computer lab between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. for the public.  I helped one of our regular patrons with the Popular Software Tutorials from Learning Express.  He wanted to learn Microsoft Excel 2010.  There were a few other people looking for jobs and writing letters.

The graphic novel, The Death Ray by Daniel Clowes came in for me to read.  I also have the New York Times Book Review, Library Journal, and Publishers Weekly to read.  I am finding that I have read many of the articles or similar articles online.

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