Monday, November 28, 2011

Daily Thoughts 11/28/2011

 William Morris Age 53, Taken by Frederic Hollyer

Daily Thoughts 11/28/2011

This morning I updated the library Twitter and Facebook accounts.  I also took an hour course from called Effective Email Marketing Strategies.  The most useful part was on how to create good subject lines for email.

I have been reading a little bit more of Survival of the Beautiful. David Rothenberg is arguing that there is a close tie between art, natural history, and science.  He tells us that there are mathematical and physical forms that are more likely to occur in nature which are aesthetically pleasing.

I also spent some time watching Encounters at the End of the World a movie produced by Werner Herzog.  It is a movie about Antarctica.  I very much enjoyed watching the divers swimming under the Antarctic ice.  It had a very otherworldly quality.

Web Bits

What is Needed to Educate Future Digital Librarians 

"A Bit Amish" Comics Legend Alan Moore Goes Online To Honor Harvey Pekar

I rather like the writing of both Harvey Pekar and Alan Moore.

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