Saturday, February 2, 2019

Daily Thoughts 02/02/2019

Félix Armand Heullant In Gedanken.jpg
Félix Armand Heullant In Gedanken, 1905

Daily Thoughts 02/02/2019

I took my computer in to get fixed today.  I have to replace the hard drive and the motherboard.  Right now, I am at my local library on one of the public computers.

I read some of Foresight while I was waiting to get the diagnosis for my computer.  I am reading about decision making.  The parts before this were on mapping and forecasting.  People who read a lot and are open minded are more likely to make more accurate forecasts.

I spent some time working on making sure that a few programs are arranged on Monday.


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Tomgram, Chip Ward: How the Public Library Became Heartbreak Hotel

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