Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daily Thoughts 5/16/2009

The son of the wolf. Digital ID: 1543436. New York Public Library

The Sons of the Wolf, Jack London

Daily Thoughts 5/16/2009

I walked to the library this morning. It was very nice and cool out. I returned some books and picked up three new books, One Small Step Can Change Your Life The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer, Ph.D., The Six Secrets of Change by Michael Fullan, and Pop Goes The Library by Sophie Brookover and Elizabeth Burns.

Emotional Eating A Practical Guide to Taking Control by Edward Abramson is a hard book to judge. Quite a few of the activities are long term. They include charting how you felt when you ate different things during a week long period. This requires you to put some effort into analyzing what you are doing. I can't know if this will be effective until I try it. It did remind me of a few things. I should not eat when I'm bored and you really can't abstain from food. I think I am going to buy a scale. Also it reminded that when I was most in control of my weight was when I was on a strict vegetarian diet. Cheese, butter, cream, and ice cream are hard for me not to eat.

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