Friday, May 1, 2009

Daily Thoughts 5/1/1009

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Daily Thoughts 5/1/2009

This morning I spent time going through the 700s, weeding older material, shifting oversize material to the oversize collection, bringing a few books down for mending, and examining the collection. We probably need to order books on flower arranging and numismatics.

I am also working on setting up a foreclosure workshop. I hope it goes well.

I filed some law looseleafs for the New York Code of Rules and Regulations, and ordered a piece of a missing section of a law book.

A new book came in for me to read, The Elements of Visual Style The Basics of Print Design for Every PC and Mac User by Robert W. Harris. I like to read books on print design. It is a useful thing to understand if you are selecting books for people to read. The design of a book can effect whether or not a person will pick it up and read it.

I was reading Publishers Weekly and I noticed a new book that was coming out with a starred review by Chris Anderson who is the author of The Long Tail. The new book is coming out in July, it is called Free: The Future of A Radical Price.

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