Monday, May 4, 2009

Daily Thoughts 5/4/2009

A new book by Rudyard Kipling.... Digital ID: 1543350. New York Public Library

Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book. This was one of my favorite books as a child.

Daily Thoughts 5/4/2009
Last night, I read Volumetrics. This morning on the train I started reading The Volumetrics Eating Plan by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D.. I am reading it not to create a specific meal plan, but to get a better idea on how to eat. It says some interesting things. If you eat a light salad before a meal, you tend to eat less calories during a meal. Also, soup tends to create more satiety when you eat it than other foods. Some of the ideas in the book are quite interesting.

There is a focus on low energy density foods, things like fat free milk, fat free yogurt, salad, soup, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. It also suggests regular exercise. I just got a pedometer which measures the amount of steps you take each day. The book describes a process of weight loss of one to two pounds of weight a week over a long period of time, followed by a focus on weight maintenance. The book is fully illustrated with color photos of different foods and how to cook them with less fat, more vegetables, and leaner meats and cheeses. Hopefully, it will give me a better idea of how to choose foods which have less calories and maintain the same volume or weight of food.

I spent some time weeding the 700s today, put the current events display in order. I am putting books on display on disease and medicine right now. I also am working on the final touches for a graphic novels book mark. I put a couple public domain images from Wikimedia on the bookmark as well as our logo. I am starting to get the hang of Microsoft Publisher.

I also spent some more time on Linked In today. Some of the people on my twitter account are joining me on Linked In which is kind of interesting. I have 15 people who are linked to me right now. Apparently, the average executive has 29.

I am reading The Elements of Visual Style The Basics of Print Design For Every PC and Mac User by Robert W. Harris . This book reads like a practical textbook. It is not that exciting to read. The book is very basic. I have not learned a whole lot from reading this book. It is not worth reviewing.


Anonymous said...

Love the Jungle Book cover, I was amazed to find our school library did not have it on the shelves. Given that Neil Gaiman has won the Newbery medal for his ghostly homage to this book I am thinking it is one we should definately have.

Book Calendar said...

It is something which is hard to forget. There is a modern comic book version of the Jungle Book by P. Craig Russell which is quite interesting to look at.