Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daily Thoughts 4/30/2009

Elisabeth Maria Anna Jerichau-Baumann, 1855 (right: Jacob Grimm; left: Wilhelm Grimm)

Daily Thoughts 4/30/2009

Today was another intensely busy day. The new slat walls were put up yesterday. We shifted over most of the new books to the new display area. It looks a lot better than the old place where we kept the new books.

I also worked on a few other minor projects; putting together a list of graphic novels for a bookmark, filing some looseleafs, arranging for a program, and attending a meeting. I had a chance to read the latest Publishers Weekly, but not much else.

I read some more of Good to Great on the train. The message is fairly clear; choose great people before you plan anything, be humble, face your problems, and focus on discipline.

City, Pond, Water

Cities are imagined
like pools of water
around a quiet spring

They grow rapidly
along the river edge
spreading like new grass

Skyscrapers are weeds
blotting the horizon
rising in the sun

Houses are mushrooms
clumped close together
around paved street roots.

Cities grow organically
to fill empty spaces
consuming the wild world

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