Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daily Thoughts 4/26/2009

This picture was taken from the Dictionnaire encyclopédique Trousset, also known as the Trousset encyclopedia, Paris, 1886 - 1891. I took it from

Daily Thoughts 4/26/2009

Right now, I am reading The Power of Positive Confrontation by Barbara Pachter with Susan Magee. It is a self help style book focused on effectively confronting people. So far, it is excellent. I especially like the sections on nonverbal behavior during confrontations and how to eliminate self discounting language.

I watched some more episodes of Roughnecks Starship Troopers on Youtube. At this point, the alien skinnies have joined the human war effort against the bugs. It is turning out to be every enjoyable to watch. It is a bit different than most other Youtube videos because they have some advertising embedded in the videos. It makes it almost like television in a way.

I also watched the last part of Sidewalk Stories on dvd. It is rather touching. It is about being homeless. It was not obvious at the beginning of the film. It is a silent film with an orchestra.

I often take time to look at statistics for my website, mainly inbound and outbound links. I checked Google Webmaster tools this morning. Betty Ford For the Bibliophile has a number of inbound and outbound links to my site. This is a link to the site I am adding it to blogs that I read.

Web Bits

I thought this article in support of libraries from Last Kiss Comics was very interesting.

A podcast from 2008 Book Expo, How Libraries Buy--

Barnes and Noble Library Market Bookstore--

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