Monday, April 13, 2009

Daily Thoughts 4/13/2009

Poster from 1940 Promoting Children's Reading

Daily Thoughts 4/13/2009

When I get back I will start helping one of the new librarians with selecting reference books for the business section. I plan on showing her a few things about selecting books. We subscribe to the American Reference Books Annual which compiles reviews for all reference books and also have a nice core list of business reference titles.

My library system finally has copies of Pride and Prejudice with Zombies. Of course, there is a waiting list when you place a hold on this book. I look forward to reading it.

I walked up the hill to my local library and dropped off a few books. I picked up a copy of The Wikipedia Revolution How A Bunch of Nobodies Created The Worlds Greatest Encyclopedia by Andrew Lih with a Foreword by Jimmy Wales Founder of Wikipedia.

Web Bits

A link to the books available through creative commons. I mostly look at the computer books in the nonfiction section and the science fiction books in the fiction section. Some of them are quite odd.

I was looking through which is a site for acquisitions and collection development librarians. It has lots of information on this subject. From there, I went to Queens Library Collection Development policy. I found it interesting because it lists the journals they use for collection development as part of their policy.

What Is The Measure of A Man?

Do you do things in increments?

The new digital order does.

Do you measure each action?

The new digital order does.

Are you tethered to a smart phone?

The digerati are plugged in.

Is your laptop with you at all times?

Company people are always on.

Are you linked into social networks?

Company people are linked together.

Are you incremental, measured, tethered,

Plugged in, always on, linked together

Welcome to the new digital machine.

You have become the measurer of man.

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