Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daily Thoughts 4/21/2009

Original caption states: "Located on the Ground Floor Corridor, the White House Library features a collection of selected works to represent of a full spectrum of American thought and tradition for the use of the President, his family, and his staff."

Daily Thoughts 4/21/2009

Today was another incredibly busy day. I reviewed a new librarians orders with them before they were sent in. There were a few orders for books related to libraries. I am looking forward to getting Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect with Your Whole Community by Sophie Brookover and Elizabeth Burns.

I also went over a new arrangement for our technical service area with one of my colleagues, and spent some time sorting through books which came in separating reference books and books that needed to be processed immediately.

I am planning on ordering many of the plays and musicals which are currently running on Broadway as well as several books which people have requested.

On the way home, I finished reading Here Comes Everybody, The Power of Organizing Without Organizations by Clay Shirky. There are a lot of interesting ideas throughout this book. For example, on Sourceforge, a site for free open source software, only 5% of the open source software accounts for most of the traffic. Open source allows for lots of experimentation and failure, people are free to create the software and fail at it with little consequence. The software that succeeds becomes very successful because people very quickly add to the successes.

Web Bits

I made it into The Best of the Web blog directory. This is not so easy to do. It is a human edited directory of web sites that is very particular about who they will add. http://blogs.botw.org/Arts/Literature/


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulaitons on BOTW listing, this is certainly a worthy listing and Pop goes the library sounds interesting, working with kids pop culture is a useful tool, so I think I might seek that one out too. Because we are underfunded and stuck with an inadequate catalogue system (because it was cheap), we are looking at open source alternatives. Congrats again.

Book Calendar said...

I am not sure about open source catalogs. You might want to look at http://libsucces.org , it is a wiki for libraries (library success) which has a lot of technical information on it.