Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daily Thoughts 4/22/2009

Title: Troll in a Nutshell Description: A faked cover art. Original title of used picture: Troll don't think very fast. This one has been caught by daylight and is now becoming a mountain. Most norwegian mountains are made of trolls like this one - say some people :illustator : JNL From Wikimedia. This is a copyleft image.
It reminds me of both O'Reilly's nutshell books and West's legal nutshell books.

Daily Thoughts 4/22/2009

I am listing to Donovan singing The Jabberwocky. The blog, The Genteel Arsenal has a post on literary music. It is worth listening to.

I just joined the Librarian Twibe on Twitter. I wonder if I can join any other Twibes.
I am also trying the Book Twibe.

Today has not been too bad. I spent some more time going through the cage sorting books to be processed. They have cleared out all the reference books and have prioritized some of the backlog of books to be put out. There are several books which I am looking forward to reading.

I spent some time pulling more books from the shelves to be put into the oversize section. I also did some weeding based on condition and currency. I am going through the 700s, the art section right now.


Anonymous said...

Jabberwocky seems to have been a hit, the kids at school liked it, I'm hoping it leads them into exploring a bit more poetry or Lewis Carrol on their own. Thanks for the link. I have resisted Twitter to date, will be interested to see what you make of it.

Book Calendar said...

I have found Twitter to be interesting. If you choose only a few things it works better. I might suggest picking out some news services for libraries first like lisnews, nytimes, and nytimesbooks . Possibly the Guardian in the UK, or another UK news feed might be worth it. This way you would not be overwhelmed. So far I have received two free books through twitter.