Monday, April 6, 2009

Daily Thoughts 4/6/2009

The Octagon Library at the Queen's or Buckingham House, original home to George III's collection of books, 1819

Daily Thoughts 4/6/2009

I read The Claws That Catch by John Ringo and Travis S. Taylor on the train to and from work. It was a light entertaining science fiction read published by Baen Books. If you need a little bit of escape with a mix of politics, speculation about future technology, and some fighting at the end it is a fun book. Oh and add in music as a weapon and a bit of mind bending anime and you have just the right amount of silliness to add an extra laugh.

Right now, I am reading Jack Kerouac On The Road, The Original Scroll. He was high when he was writing the scroll. He claims that it was only "coffee" but other people say differently. Supposedly he taped together eight long pieces of writing paper to make the scroll. I have started reading it. It reads continuously as one single story. There really is no need for paragraphs in the way he is writing. It is of a singular journey focused on a single character. The book is truly amazing and much more raw than the novel. The first part which is literary criticism is kind of boring, except for Jack Kerouac's life. But then writers biographies have always been more interesting to me than commentary on their writing.

I have been coordinating the shifting, weeding, and relocating of books of one of my colleagues who is on vacation. It took a bit of time to do it correctly. I also have been working a little bit more on Earth Day. I spent a little time this morning reviewing processing of books for the Job Information Center with technical services as well. I am waiting for them to finish processing We the Media: Grassroots Journalism By the People, For the People (Paperback)by Dan Gilmor(Author). I think there is quite a bit on blogging as journalism in the book.


Alabama Book Worm said...

I would kill to own that library.

Book Calendar said...

I would just like to maybe visit it some day. I wonder if someone could do a world library tour...

Anonymous said...

Actually looking forward to culling our collection, much we have kept for so long simply because our budget is so tight, but we have a grant at the moment to up grade sections of the collection, primarily non fiction which really needs it. We are only a small library, but personally I think the library/media center is the heart of the school, the heart of any school really.
I'm married to a sci fi guy, generally known as the space man and he is hanging out to read Claws that Catch, Baen books keep him supplied with literary stress relief.