Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Daily Thoughts 11/4/2009

The North Room, Astor Library,... Digital ID: 805586. New York Public Library

The North Room, Astor Library, Lafayette Place, New York. 1876, Print, Leslie's Magazine, Mid-Manhattan Pictures Collection, New York Public Library

Daily Thoughts 11/4/2009

Last night, I went out and voted at the local school near my house. It was not very busy and the process went quickly. I did my civic duty. I hope wherever you are, you take the time to vote in your elections.

We had a collection development meeting today. I put in my orders for books. It went quite well today. I also did a little bit of clean up of the display area.

I picked up two books to read, The Peter Principle Why Things Always Go Wrong by Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull and The Continual Condition by Charles Bukowski. The Continual Condition is a posthumous work which should be interesting. His poetry mellowed a bit in his old age.

I did not read anything on the train home.


Book pusher said...

Here in Australia voting is compulsory, sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better if it was optional because we have a phenomena called 'donkey voting', where people just number their preferences down the page without thinking, just for the sake of getting it over with, it is something I find hard to comprehend, perhaps we don't appreciate the privelege enough. It is not as if it takes long to do.

Book Calendar said...

When 40% of the population does not vote it stops representing people. This happens a lot. I sometimes wonder.