Monday, August 2, 2010

Daily Thoughts 8/2/2010 ( libraries, ebooks, EDI )

Reading-room of the Bibliothèque Mazarine (Paris)

Daily Thoughts 8/2/2010

Copia is planning a $99 ereader for epub books.  Copia $99 Ereader

Barnes and Noble is planning a big push for the Nook.  It certainly looked like they were doing this at the store I went to on Sunday.

This morning we spent some time going over invoicing for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).  We invoiced  two graphic novels that came in to be added to the collection, Artichoke Tales by Megan Kelso, and Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition, Volume 5.  It was the administrative function of putting in prices, checking things in, and invoicing items.  We have three vendors currently in EDI, Baker and Taylor, Book Wholesalers Inc., and Midwest Tape.

Today has been quiet.  I updated my graphic novels club flier this morning and printed out some more of the public service announcement for getting library cards.  I also had a chance to get access to Zoom Info for a short trial period of three days. I spent some more time checking for a variety of titles; philanthropy, corporate giving, social responsibility, donor, donation, philanthropist, foundation, charity, and a few other job titles.  I have a small folder full of profiles.

The next step which I'll probably take is to look through some of the local papers for fundraising events and profiles of people.  I'll probably look in the Westchester Wag and a few similar papers.  The Westchester Wag lists a lot of charity events.  Not everything is online.  Many magazines only have their current issue online and want you to subscribe to get issues or buy their backlist separately.

Three more books came in for me to read, The Betrayal of American Prosperity by Clyde Prestowitz, Undress for Success by Kate Lister which is about working from home, and Made Possible By Succeeding With Sponsorship A Guide for Nonprofits by Patricia Martin which is about corporate sponsorship.

Article -- It Takes A City to Raze A Library 

Right now, I am reading Undress For Success, The Naked Truth About Making Money At Home by Kate Lister and Tom Harnish.  It is about working from home in all its aspects from home business to telecommuting.


Y8 said...

What are the epub books mate?

Book Calendar said...

Epub is the open access format which most ebook readers can use. It is a nonproprietary set of standard for different ebook readers to use.