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Daily Thoughts 8/9/2010 ( Mental Health Naturally, Geek The Library, Smart Start Ups )

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Daily Thoughts 8/9/2010

Today has been a quiet steady day.  Worked on a bookmark, distributed some fliers for the Brown Bag Book Chat, and shifted some holiday books to a new location in the storage area.  I also have the requirements printed up for a Preservation/Conservation grant printed up from New York state.  It is kind of interesting to look at.

I have been looking at a few different programs.  In September, the Women's Enterprise Development Center is coming to do a set of programs on entrepreneurship.  They have come once a year for the last four years.  Also, a gentleman called about doing a program for disabilities law which could be quite interesting.  The schedule for September and October's programming is coming up soon.  I will probably continue doing the Graphic Novels Club which is working out fine.  One of our regular patrons asked me to continue doing a book chat.  He liked it.  The preparation for the literary tea is moving along nicely.

Sometimes, you don't get to finish things.  I'll probably work on the shelf talkers tomorrow.  I also have to look over my ordering for Wednesday's ordering meeting.

Another book came in for me to read, Smart Startups How Entrepreneurs and Corporations Can Profit by Starting Online Communities by David Silver.  I got this through interlibrary loan from a local college.  Nobody had it in the public library system.  I am also looking at Problogger Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income, Second Edition by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett.  I read the first edition.  Most of it is very commercial.

This morning, I finished another section of Mental Health Naturally by Kathi J. Kemper.  The focus on this section was different means of reducing stress.  It went over meditation which they described as focusing your awareness with intent.  It is an excellent description.  There were also bits on affirmations, changing the language which you talk to yourself with, listening to music, imagery and biofeedback.  The main focus was how to reduce and limit stress.

In a bit of good news, The Camden, New Jersey Library System may be saved by joining the county system.  There seems to be a pattern where there are threats of closures and compromises all over the United States for libraries.

I am reading Smart Startups How Entrepreneurs and Corporations Can Profit by Starting Online Communities by David Silver.  The book describes some new ideas for me to get a grasp on, user generated content is a big one.

Geek The Library is one of the more entertaining library advocacy groups.

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