Monday, August 23, 2010

Daily Thoughts 8/23/2010 (Bring On The Books For Everybody )

Child Reading A Book, Public Domain Clip Art

Daily Thoughts 8/23/2010

I like reading Bring On The Books for Everybody.  The language is fantastic.  I like his word choices; teleliterary, postmodern fiction, adaptation films, and bibliotherapy is just some of the language.  The writing has a slightly humorous, slightly edgy wit to it.

He talks about taste makers for books.  His section on Nancy Pearl and Oprah Winfrey is right on target.  Jim Collins is describing how classic literature is turned into popular taste.  I think it is very relevant for booksellers and librarians.

I also like the writing on adaptation films.  He describes the words in films like Shakespeare In Love or The Jane Austen Book Club as being special effects.  These film create a link between the book, the movie, and all the ancillary forms of communication.   This is even becoming more true because films are now digital products, just like ebooks are a digital product, and MP3 books are a digital product.

Today I checked books on back order and looked at the displays.  Our computer catalogs are down for maintenance.  This means I had a little more time to do reference work.  I also printed up a few flyers for a program this month.  It has been a very quiet day.

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