Monday, October 18, 2010

Daily Thoughts 10/18/2010 (Ebooks, Barnes and Noble)

Ravnen, 1890

Daily Thoughts 10/18/2010  

We thought the internet was killing print. But it isn't.

An article which says if a newspaper does well on the internet, it often does well in print also. If it does badly on the internet, it also often does badly in print. This is a very interesting idea. I am thinking that they are saying that the internet causes consolidation with less newspapers.

Hundreds Protest Departure of Encino Barnes & Noble. 

I find this article quite ironic in a way.  It is often the pattern of the big box stores. They move in and cause the closure of many small businesses, then they leave when things are not profitable enough. 

I also noticed that they cut library hours to five day service as well.

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