Monday, November 24, 2014

Daily Thoughts 11/24/2014

Robert Henri, The Reader In the Forest, 1918

Daily Thoughts 11/24/2014

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook page.

I was at Barnes and Noble today.  I walked around and looked at books.  There were a few things that seemed interesting.  I placed the book Leading the Life You Want Skills for Integrating Work and Life by Stewart D. Friedman on hold.  Another book which looked interesting is @War The Rise of the Military Internet Complex by Shane Harris.  I also bought a paperback copy of Starhawk by Jack McDevitt which is science fiction.

I am enjoying reading Starhawk.  Jack McDevitt has a wonderful sense of the ordinary.  Even with aliens, far off planets, worlds with collapsed civilizations, the basic condition of being human does not change.  Jack McDevitt can easily switch between an astronaut visiting an alien planet and then talking to his mother.  Another thing which is interesting is that most of the aliens are no big deal, in fact some of them are kind of boring, and others are just incomprehensible.

Some of the themes are also interesting.  Exploring alien worlds, experiencing alien art, and opposition to terraforming as a form of environmental destruction.  I rather like Jack McDevitt's writing.  It is well rounded and deep.

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