Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily Thoughts 1/13/2011 (Nibbus Maximus, ebooks)

A recent novel, a young love, an old pipe. This picture was taken from Œuvres choisies de Gavarni (Selected works of Gavarni), Paris, 1848. Wood engraving by Piaud, after a lithograph by Paul Gavarni.

Daily Thoughts 1/13/2011 I am going to the New York City Digital Show and Tell on January 20, 2011 which is part of the Ebook, Ereaders, and Digital Content Meetup.

We put up a new banner made in Microsoft Publisher for the African American History display.  There is now a button to sign up for the libraries newsletter on the website.  The displays are in good order.

I was looking at CEO Reads and came across something that looked very interesting, Enterprise Social Technology Helping Organizations Harness The Power of Social Media, Social Networking, Social Relevancy by Scott Klososky, Green Leaf Book Group c2011.  This looks at return on investment for implementing social technologies in enterprises.

I put The Dervish House by Ian McDonald on hold.  It is near future science fiction set in Istanbul.  I also put the book Cowboy Angels by Paul McAuley on hold which is an alternate history.

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Jim Woodring’s “Nibbus Maximus” (with video) (Giant Pen)

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