Friday, January 28, 2011

Daily Thoughts 1/28/2011 (Ebooks)

Painting of Russian writer Evgeny Chirikov by Ivan Kulikov, 1904.

Daily Thoughts 1/28/2011

I finished reading Cowboy Angels by Paul McAuley this morning.  I would call it an alternate earth thriller.

I checked the displays this morning.  I also spent some time planning for the website for Twitter and the survey on the website.  I am reading more on ebooks to get better grasp of what I will say in the grant we are working on.

I have been thinking on recent reasons I have run into for ebooks in libraries.  Some of the things which come to mind are:

  • Transmedia literacy the ability to handle information across a variety of different devices.
  • The digital divide does not just apply to computers, it also applies to other electronic devices.
  • There is a need for greater information literacy.
  • Libraries are not prepared for enhanced ebooks or book applications.
  • The Ipad is more than just an ebook platform it has many other functions.
  • Children need to be shown ebooks early to prepare them for the digital future.
  • Libraries are just starting to build ebook collections. It will take time to match their book collections.
  • Libraries need to be renewed so they can be ready for a digital future and not be perceived as obsolete.

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