Saturday, January 8, 2011

Daily Thoughts 1/8/2011

Symptoms of Wet Weather, 1846, John Leech Archive.

Daily Thoughts 1/8/2011

I watched some early Houdini episodes today. I really didn't do much reading. It was kind of relaxing.

Web Bits

Naughty Novels, a cartoon.

Playing Catch Up In a Digital Library Race.

I think we should have a national digital library.  It would be interesting to see.  I also think we should have a national digital library where every downloadable item that was not under copyright was sharable, easy to edit and reuse, annotatable, and easy to find.

This could have big implications. I can see the doctrine of first sale affecting galleys for books. It might be a reason for more companies to start using electronic galleys which could be considered software and have different end user license agreements. Services like Netgalley could have a spike in use because of this.

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