Friday, April 15, 2011

Daily Thoughts 4/15/2011 (Getting More, Ebooks)

Portrait of Ferdinand III, Archduke of Austria and Grand Duke of Tuscany sitting in his library,
Joseph Dorffmeiste, 1797

Daily Thoughts 4/15/2011

I am thinking about different website management tools from Google, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Site Search Engine, and Google Sitemapper.  I think these could improve the quality of the library website along with some remapping of the website.

Today, I checked the Twitter account, checked the displays, and checked the surveys.  Things are in order.  I am going to be on vacation next week, so I will probably write a number of book reviews.

I am attending the May 13, 2011 Westchester Library Assocation conference.  Seth Godin is the keynote speaker.  It is something which I am definitely interested in hearing.  The title for the conference is Fearless Librarians: Inventing the Future.

On the way home, I read a little bit more of Getting More.  The author is writing about how to negotiate salaries, promotions, and getting hired.  He tells you that a lot of it is about building relationships and finding out about who works in a company.  He also tells you that it is about finding out what people want before you go into an interview with specific goals.
Web Bits

The Merger of Telecoms and Utilities: Is It the Future?
I thought this was interesting because it is a way to deal with smart grid technologies and controlling electricity and phone services.  If we had a smart utility company, it would probably be better for a library because we could negotiate a package covering all the different serviees, electricity, wireless internet, fiber optic internet, and telephones.

Ebook Sales Tripled in the Last Year

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