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Daily Thoughts 4/21/2011 (American Vampire, The Forgotten Founding Father)

Noah Webster, 1911

Daily Thoughts 4/21/2011

Yesterday was far busier than I imagined.  I stopped by my library and picked up two more books, American Vampire by Scott Snyder, Stephen King, and Raphael Albuquerque.  I learned that Joe Hill is Stephen King's son which is interesting.  I really enjoyed reading American Vampire.  It is a graphic novel which starts in old west and then moves into the early film era of the 1920s.  I especially like Skinner Sweet, the main character, a vampire and gunslinger with a sweet tooth.

The second book that I picked up was Marshall McLuhan You Know Nothing of My Work by Douglas Coupland.  It is a biography with a different style.  Douglas Coupland adds a touch of pop culture writing to the work.  Marshall McLuhan is best known for his quote, "The Medium is the Message."

Last night, I went to the board meeting for the library.  The place was packed with people.  There was a lot of commentary on the way the library was being run. People were mainly asking for the library to reopen on the weekends which is what most patrons are asking for.  It is the most asked for thing on the library survey.  Part of the discussion was opening the library on Saturday in June for the book sale on June 10 and June 11.  The Friends of the Library are asking for this.  It is more than just about funds.  This seemed to be the focus of the evening.  There was also some talk about the director.  It was an interesting session.

I have been reading some more of The Forgotten Founding Father.  I am learning about the career of Noah Webster.  His main education was as lawyer which he failed at.  He ended up succeeding in the newspaper business starting the first daily paper in New York, the American Minerva.  An interesting fact I learned was that the New York Post was started because of rivalry between Alexander Hamilton and Noah Webster.  The biography is quite interesting.  Noah Webster had some fine characteristics; natty dresser, political essaysist,  lady's man, public speaker, newspaper man, lexicographer, lawyer, and lover of dancing.

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