Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daily Thoughts 4/28/2011 (the earthshakers)

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Daily Thoughts 4/28/2011

Today was a steady day.  I read some more of The Earthshakers.  I am reading about how the Mongols were driven out of the Islamic world by Baibars-- (Lord Panther) who was a mamluk who seized the sultanate in Egypt.  It is a very interesting story.  Baibars was reviled by the crusaders and is considered a national hero in Egypt and Syria.  Baibars was also Kipchak Turk and very familiar with Mongol methods of warfare.

This morning, I updated the Twitter account, checked the displays, and checked the gift books.  Most all of the gift books go into the library book sale.  I make a few exceptions.  For example, I added a 2009 Phil Mickelson book called The Short Game on golf.  There is a simple truth here.  The better books you put out for the book sale, the more likely you are going to get better donations.  I like to think of the library book sale as a good will gesture to the community.

I called a few people about programs in the afternoon.  We are having another poetry program on May 5, 2011 with a speaker on memoirs.  I also put in a few more surveys this afternoon.

Two more books came in for me to read, Spade and Archer The Prequel to Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon by Joe Gores, and All The Lives He Led by Frederik Pohl.

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