Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daily Thoughts 9/11/2011

William Winstanley (ca. 1628 - ca. 1698), English poet, most famous for Lives of the most Famous English Poets from 1687

Daily Thoughts 9/11/2011

Today, I spent some time updating the Twitter and Facebook account.  I also did a little bit more study on on Indesign CS5.  I am not sure that I understand Indesign that well.  The lessons seem to be more useful to me for the design information which the isntructor is providing than the progam itself.  I also have been doing some review of HTML.

I read some more of Blur.  I am learning about the different types of journalism that are not fact based or very well verified.  Many of the pundits and talk show hosts do not verfiy their facts.  Also quite a bit of information is not verified during live reporting as events unfold, the facts are often not straightened out until an event is done.  There is also a tendency for many talk show hosts to prefer ideology over substance.  This goes for both the left and the right. 

I feel obligated to say 9/11 is a difficult day for me.  I remember being in Staten Island, New York when the planes struck the Twin Towers.  I was being called up for jury duty.  The court dismissed us when the event was shown on television.  I remember walking home.  I could see the towers of the World Trade Center from Staten Island.  They were a pillar of smoke across the water.  I remember laying down exhausted after seeing the smoking towers and staring at the ceiling for an hour then sleeping for next ten hours.  It is not something I want to remember.  It is a very dark and difficult day, especially for those who knew people died in this tragedy.  Take a moment to remember in silence.

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