Friday, September 16, 2011

Daily Thoughts 9/16/2011

Private Bibliothek, Benutzer Joachim Specht, 2008

Daily Thoughts 9/16/2011

Today has been a steady day.  There was a staff meeting this morning.  We had two guest speakers.  One spoke about customer service, and the other spoke about creating ties between the curriculum of the local school system and the library.

This morning, I updated the Facebook and Twitter account and checked the displays.  I also read through two copies of the New York Times Book Review.  I spent some time in the afternoon on learning a little bit more about Indesign.

I spent some time looking at the latest mission statement and plans for the library.  The plans seem very future oriented with a lot about computers, e-books, and outreach to the community.

I checked out the book, The Steve Jobs Way, iLeadership for a New Generation by Jay Elliott. The book so far tells you how wonderful Steve Jobs was.  It also tells you how obsessed with details he was as well.

I did the professional registration for New York Comic Con for October13-16.  It is ten dollars plus tax which comes out $10.89 for four days for professionals.  Librarians and educators are considered professionals.  This is the largest comic book convention on the east coast.  It is more than a fan convention.  There are a lot of publishers there and it is well worth going.  I have gone every year.

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