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Daily Thoughts 9/12/2011

Three men reading on a bench, Queen's Park, Toronto, Canada, 1908, William James Author

Daily Thoughts 9/12/2011

I read some more of Blur this morning on the train.  The authors have some very interesting things to say about verifying sources and the difference between opinion, fact finding, and truth in journalism. The authors also describe the different levels of reliability of sources from experts to eyewitnesses.

The graphic novel, The Influencing Machine Brooke Gladstone on the Media came in for me to read.

I checked the displays, and updated the Twitter and Facebook accounts.  I also spent some time on learning a little more Indesign.  I have two months which I can use the service so I am focusing on it right now.  I also have been studying hypertext markup language.  Right now, I am watching videos on cascading style sheets. This is not something I understand very well.  I think I can get the concepts, but not necessarily how to do it.

I put the book Into the Hinterlands by David Drake on hold.  It is military science fiction.

I read some of The Influencing Machine Brooke Gladstone on the Media on the train home.  The graphic novel seems to be mainly focused on the history of journalism with commentary on its impact.  The commentary is filled with irony and has bite to it.  It covers subjects like the Vietnam war, Watergate, Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson, and various presidential campaigns.  There is quite a bit on media bias.

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