Monday, March 4, 2013

Daily Thoughts 03/04/2013

Portrait of Arno Holz by Erich Buttner, 1916
Daily Thoughts 03/04/2013

I checked the Facebook and the Twitter for the library this morning.

I also have started reading Al Gore, The Future Six Drivers of Global Change.  One of the first subjects is something which Al Gore calls Earth Inc. which is about how first things are being outsourced all over the world, then being replaced with robosourcing once people earn a certain amount of money.  It is the process of replacing people with machinery.  There are descriptions of how this concentrates wealth separating capital and labor where information technology becomes the labor.  There is a division of very few human workers mainly engineers and creative professionals and machines. 

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The Real Cost of Self Publishing

Libraries, Hackspaces, and E-waste  How Libraries Can Be a Hub of a Young Maker Revolution
Sometimes I can't quite make out what to think of Cory Doctorow.  Although it is interesting.

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