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Daily Thoughts 01/14/2017

William John Wainwright - His Favourite Author.jpg
William John Wainwright, His Favorite Author, 1881

Daily Thoughts 01/14/2017

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook today.

I finished reading Star Wars Catalyst: Rogue One by James Luceno.  I liked how they described the infighting inside the Empire with different villains trying to be the top bad guy.  It was a nice touch.  It added some new characters to the Star Wars universe.  It was a nice way to take me away from things.

I read some more of The Revenge of Analog Real Things and Why They Matter by Dave Sax. There is plenty being said about business in here.  Dave Sax reminds us that the point of business is to make money, not worry about whether a book is an e-book or hard copy.  If there is no profit, there is no business.  He is also writing about physical businesses are diversifying into more specialty niches to be competitive.  This has led to a new business model called bricks and clicks, where a business does both.  Amazon has started opening retail stores for example.

I watched The Fantasy Worlds of George Pal.  George Pal is famous for the films, Destination Moon, War of the Worlds, When Worlds Collide, and many other science fiction films.  This film was a list of famous people in science fiction talking about George Pal including Chesley Bonestelle, Gene Roddenberry, Ray Bradbury, and many others.

I also watched a little bit of Life Itself about the life of the film critic, Roger Ebert.

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