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Daily Thoughts 04/12/2019

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Godfrey Kneller, Jacob Tonson, 1717

Daily Thoughts 04/12/2019

I read some more of The Body Keeps the Score.  I am reading about how exercise and meditation help deal with trauma.  There is also quite a bit about the importance of social supports.

I went to Urban Librarians Unite today at the Brooklyn Public Library.

They had coffee in the morning.  There were also several people who were invited as vendors.  I had a chance to talk to Melville House, Soho Books, and Random House Penguin.  I picked up several galleys and books to add to the library.  I started reading The Map of Knowledge A Thousand Year History of How Classical Ideas Were Lost and Found by Violet Moller.  The book starts with the Library at Alexandria.

I think I may be able to arrange for some book readings from the vendors.

The keynote speaker was Eric Klinenberg who wrote the book, Palaces for the People: How Social Infrastructure Can Help Fight Inequality.

He talked about his love for libraries.  There was a brief discussion about how social work could change the purposes of the library.

Carla Hayden, the librarian of congress gave a brief appearance via Skype where she addressed the attendees encouraging us to keep practicing and discussing our profession.

Afterwards, I went to a presentation on Cooking Without a Kitchen.  There were a lot of interesting pointers on what we could do.  They talked about things like nutrition programs, farmers markets, reading food labels, and programs with devices like blenders and air fryers.  There was some discussion on different ways to reach out to organizations that would provide free lunch or free educational programs.

The next program I went to was on Creating A Space for New Americans and English Language Learners.  This had some suggestions on how to better reach out to people with English Language Learning needs.

The last panel I went to was Small City, Big Problems.  This was about the everyday issues in running a library.  What was especially interesting about this presentation is that the librarians talked about how to deal with needles and opioid addiction.  They planned on adding blue lights to the bathrooms so people could not use needles and were all trained in what to do if someone overdosed on opioids.  There was even some discussion on using Narcan which prevents opioid overdoses.

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