Thursday, March 18, 2010

Daily Thoughts 3/18/2010

The library of Christ Church, Oxford from Rudolph Ackermann's History of Oxford (1813) by an unknown artist.

Daily Thoughts 3/18/2010

Today is another quiet day. I went through and marked items missing from the storage area this morning. I am also checking the labels on the paperback to make sure they are all consistent and the same. I also plan on checking the fiction mass market paperbacks and the trade paperbacks for African American fiction that needs to be relocated. I'll probably be working with one of my colleagues on this.

Sometimes when you are talking to people at the reference desk, you learn about things which stand out. This is a creative commons ebook by Lev Manovich called Software Takes Command. It looked quite interesting to me. Someone was asking for a book about digital art by Lev Manovich and it led to this book. I am convinced that there will be many more textbooks coming out as creative commons.

Sometimes, there are repetitive things which need to get done. I have to look at the shifting in the storage area tomorrow. I got my confirmation for my first order through BWI. I am going to work with someone who is ordering CDs tomorrow to help them place their order. Today was more predictable than usual.

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