Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daily Thoughts 2/6/2010

I relaxed today, no libraries, no bookstores, no publishers, no events. It was a nice day to do nothing. I did read some more of This Book Is Overdue. I recognize a number of the names in the book. I also recognize the author a bit. The book is set in Westchester County. There is also quite a bit on the issues facing Westchester county.
I make it a point to not say anything negative about my fellows on this blog. It would not be appropriate. Also a few librarians have had their blogging careers finished because of this. The most prominent is the Happyville Library blog which no longer exists. This is mentioned in This Book Is Overdue. Sometimes, it is very hard to know what people think is negative. Some things can surprise you. This is also why there is a disclaimer on this blog.
Writing about the every day things which get done helps clarify my thinking about what to do next.

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