Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daily Thoughts 2/25/2010 (Bookweb)

Virginia Haviland, Founder of the Children's Book Section at the Library of Congress; Author, Librarian ca 1935

Daily Thoughts 2/25/2010

I found a rather entertaining title by a science fiction writer and scientist, The Science Behind The Secret by Travis S. Taylor. He writers military science fiction. This amuses me the same way that the book, The Physics of Star Trek by Lawrence M. Krauss amuses me.

Something that bothers me a little bit is that Bookweb has stopped publishing its media guide. I found it rather useful The only thing which I know that is similar is the Books on the Air guide from New York Public Library

I did another chat for Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management. It was interesting listening to college librarians talking about purchasing ebooks and journals for online courses. There has been an increase in distance learning. Part of that increase in distance learning is providing ebooks and ejournals for students who are online. It also makes sense in an online course to have an electronic textbook. I know that there are a number of colleges which offer masters in library sciences online. It sounds very different than when I went to school.

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