Monday, March 15, 2010

Daily Thoughts 3/15/2010

Art and Literature, William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1867)

Daily Thoughts 3/15/2010

Today has been a steady day. We just finished moving the paperbacks and trade paperbacks out of the Fiction room to a new location. It is much easier to use. We have to look at it and make sure that the arrangement is right. I am still doing a little more weeding in the paperbacks.

I am also doing some more weeding in the storage area. I have quite a bit more to do. They are also shifting near this area.

I put in a hold for The Crucible of Empire by K.D. Wentworth and Eric Flint. It is a sequel to The Course of Empire. I rather liked the premise to the first book in the series; earth is conquered by more advanced cat like aliens. I am rather fond of Baen books and their military science fiction.

An article from Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore about how having a social media presence increases walk ins from the public.,0,5002932.story . I think this is quite true. There is a direct link between combining social media and meeting people in person.

From Boing Boing article by Cory Doctorow-- The Most Beautiful Bookstore.

On the train home, I read some more of The New How. It focuses on how to strategically combine what people should be doing with why they should be doing it and how they should be doing their work. The goal is to get people to work together to create strategy and goals. The book is not about winning, it is more about working together.

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