Monday, March 29, 2010

Daily Thoughts 3/29/2010

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Daily Thoughts 3/29/2010

I watched a film on dvd called Wordplay today. It was about crossword puzzles. It featured Will Shortz who is the editor for the New York Times crossword puzzle. He arranges for puzzles from about 110 different people every single year. Will Shortz has a degree in Enigmatology which is puzzles. It was a quite enjoyable film.

There were cameos by Bill Clinton, Mike Mussina, Jon Stewart, the Indigo Girls, and many other famous people. They talked about why they did the crossword puzzle. It was very interesting to listen to.

The film also covered the National Crossword Championship which runs for seven days. There is a crossword for every single day. It was interesting watching champion crossword puzzle people prepare for the event.

If you like words and thinking about words, this film is well worth seeing.

The dvd case includes a booklet with five crossword puzzles fromt the New York Times.

I have started reading A Better Pencil, Readers, Writers, and the Digital Revolution by Dennis Baron.

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