Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daily Thoughts 3/20/2011 (The Physics of the Future)

Extension of library of Harvard College, Iron details. Ware and Van Brunt architects
Print shows architectural renderings of new book shelf construction at the Harvard University library.  Date Created/Published: Boston : Heliotype Printing Co., 1878.

Daily Thoughts 3/20/2011

I filled out a survey of our collection. I also wrote a short report on what was being done in the library.

This evening, I read some more of Michio Kaku, The Physics of the Future.  Michio Kaku is writing about robots and artificial intelligence.  One of the topics he touches on is the singularity where robots become smarter than humans.  He also describes how people are working on robots that are designed to fit in with human society in a benevolent way.  It is all very utopian.

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