Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daily Thoughts 3/3/2011 (The Information, Online Learning)

Invention of printing - Gutenberg taking the first proof Gutenberg with 3 other people and printing press.   Date Created/Published: c1869.

Daily Thoughts 3/3/2011

Today has been another quiet, steady day.  I read some of The Experience Economy this morning on the train to work.  I like how they describe the difference between providing a service and providing a complete experience.  For example, a birthday party, a trip down the grand canyon, a game of laser tag, a workshop is an experience.  This was quite different.

This morning, I checked on the survey, checked the displays, and did a little more updating on the Twitter account.  I also spent some time thinking about inexpensive places to take classes for librarians; Webjunction, American Library Association Online Courses, Metro New York, and various Meetups like the New York Librarians Meetup

The book, The Information A History, A Theory, A Flood by James Gleick came in for me to read.  James Gleick is the author of Chaos which is a book about chaos theory in physics.  I enjoyed reading Chaos because it reminded me a bit of when I went to the University of California Santa Cruz.

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